Garden Center

Garden Center

Visit our garden center Nieuw Hanenburg in The Hague. We have a passion for plants and our friendly and knowledgeable staff are happy to give you advice about your garden and indoor plants!

Our garden center plants collection

In our small but cozy garden center you can find all the basic needs for your garden such as: outdoor plants, pots, potting soil and gardening tools. Looking for some nice outdoor plants to flower up your garden? Our collection varies depending on the season b ut we always have the freshest flowers and most up to date seasonal plants available. Outdoor plants can be sorted in to two groups the ones that flower ones and die in the winter these are called the annual plants such as geraniums, petunias and begonias. Perennials are plants that persist for many growing seasons. Generally the top portion of the plant dies back each winter and regrows the following spring. The best is to combine annual plants and perennials in your garden for the best effect!

House plants for home decoration

We have a large range of house plants in our garden center such as Orchids, Cactii, Amaryllis and many more! Besides the plants we have a lot of decorative home products and a fresh flower shop. To make your house nice and cozy you could get yourself a beautiful handtied bouquet, some lovelly scented candles or a nice new fresh green or colourful plant to decorate and inspire your home! We have many options and are sure to cover your needs, whatever they may be.

Do you have questions about caring for your houseplants or outdoor plants? Or do you want advice on the design of your garden? Call us or visit us. See you at City Garden Center Nieuw Hanenburg!

Tuincentrum Nieuw Hanenburg
Hanenburglaan 266
2565 HC Den Haag